Values – Community

When I think of community,
I think of family that you have chosen for yourself.
This doesn’t mean that genetic families lack value.
It just means that there is also a great deal
of value in surrounding yourself
with the people who just get you.

At first, I thought that I needed a tribe
because I am needy.
However, and in the name of empowering myself,
I disagree with that assertion.
I have seen pins on Pinterest that say,
“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of
other successful women who have her back.”
Many of the chick friends that I have had
have actually been less than loyal.
I mean, I get it.
I have a strong personality.
I am incredibly self-expressive and in tune with myself.
I am fiercely devoted.
Some people get overwhelmed by that.
That’s fine.
I just need to find the people who can not only handle me,
but who appreciate those qualities in me.
I have already found some, and my tribe will
continue to grow!

I think it goes without saying that not everybody in
my tribe must be of the female persuasion.
I have boys, too.
Lots of boys.
And they are so GOOD to me.

My boys are easygoing.
They roll with the punches,
which is especially important for my tribe to do,
because I throw a lot of punches.
Now, I obviously don’t mean physical punches,
and I don’t mean emotional blows, either.
My punches are moments that are infused with lots
of irrational emotion.
Someone will make an innocent comment,
and I will TOTALLY overreact and freak out
and take it the wrong way and make
dramatic, impulsive statements that I don’t mean.
Not mean statements.
Just dramatic ones.
And my boys will let me have my moment.
They know when to respond,
and they know when to just listen.
They’re GOOD.

I know that I can be a lot to handle.
Believe me. I KNOW.
It takes me a while to feel safe with a person.
Will they stay by my side after the first and second
and five-hundredth dramatic moment?
Will they remain patient with me?
I am sensitive. I need patience.
Sometimes I need reassurance.
I am only human, after all.
My tribe will recognize that,
and if they decide not to,
then they never had a place in the tribe, anyways.



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