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I am a new woman, as of Friday, April 14, 2017.
I walked into the door of my workplace at 2:15 for my shift,
and I was a wimpy little girl.
I walked back out at 10:15 PM,
and I was a strong woman.
My cowardice had been a monster,
but it met its match in my new shift supervisor.

“My coworkers don’t really talk to me,” I told her.
Her response?
“It’s because you act like a little bitch.
You need to get over yourself.
Stop acting like a girl.”

Harsh? Yes.
Unprofessional? Whose to say?
True? Without a doubt.

I had been acting like a coward in all areas of my life.
I hadn’t been being there for my family members.
I had constantly been bitching and moaning to my friends.
(I had even lost a few).
I had been lazy and unmotivated at work.
I hadn’t been taking initiative in my personal life.
I had been miserable,
and it was time for a change,
but I needed help swallowing my pride.
My new shift supervisor offered that help,
unapologetically and without being asked.
Thank God.

So welcome to my blog.
I have decided to be a stronger woman.
That will not happen over night,
and it won’t be easy,
but I recognize that a lot of woman
probably struggle with this.
We must fake it ’til we make it,
and I want to document my journey for you.

Happy reading!



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